How to get help in Windows 10

How to get help in windows 10 using steps-by-step tutorial with pictures. Among 73% on the web user worldwide are applying windows operating-system and every every individual initially requires some learning of utilizing new stuff, as practice creates a man perfect also will apply here but here it might be like using windows based PC many go through the best available features in recently updated windows 10 by a simple manual update that is available free for any year for Windows 7 and 8.1 users.

How to get help in windows 10:

  • Select the search button or directly type the issue or keyword

How to get help in Windows 10

Here it is simple to type your query or question you need to search and Micosoft will advise you the required details and answers. It is simple to visit a keyword and have the required questions within the suggestions and then click your question and explore the answers.

  • Press F1 functional step to have the help features:

windows 10 free download

Here you can be simply redirected for the above displayed page and have all the information needed, Microsoft is offering the general manual for all of the visitors to be guided, as it’s a handbook guide which can help one to learn all of the features that were newly introduced or updated. Microsoft supplies the best help guide answer your question as well as provide virtual agent to help you show the way if you’re stuck somewhere or needs any suggestion relating to your query, with this you can actually make use of the chat enabled interface as well as avail call-support to your issues.

  • Tips application from the windows store:


open device manager

It’s the pre-installed application comes while installing windows 10 since this feature will help you develop your understanding in utilizing windows and ways to enable and apply the leading attributes of some somethings can be viewed inside the tips. It’s the automatic features which may be enabled and disable and keeps you informed on the possible things while increasing your understanding in untilizing windows 10. Tips are thought is the help providing at every instant to help you alert to using these features.

  • Get help in search bar:



troubleshoot windows

Here you’ll be redirected for same tricks and tips in which you can be guided to apply the stated things with the ease and simply search more stuff if you’re having any something and have help liked to those tips.

  • Get help in settings tab:

windows 10 errors

Here should you use the settings and while any process or making changes when you face any risk then there’s also a choice of get help and give a feedback since it may also redirect one to help page and suggestions provided from the help windows would be the searched results based on your research past and if you’re redirected through any particular page you will be served with related suggestions first.

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