Easy Way: How to use alarms in windows 10

How to use alarms in windows 10 for time management skills, so we know time is cash in the world today. You can use the alarm according to out time schedule and priorities. Alarm application will be the inbuilt application in Windows 10 it will come as default to all Windows 10 devices. We will apply it, setting alarm, World clock, Timer preventing watch. Alarms and Clock is among the new Applications in windows 10. Quite a few according to your needs.

How to use alarms in windows 10
How To Use alarms in windows 10

You just need PC with Windows 10 inbuilt from. Alarm is a feature of your clock. In living, we use morning alarms for getting up. App referred to as “Alarms & Clocks” currently in use for accessing Alarm feature in windows 10.

How to use alarms in windows 10

Alarm tab enables you to set alarms which you wish. Following steps are suitable for you mention of set alarms in windows 10.

Alarms and timers

Method 1: How to Use alarms in Windows 10

  1.  Type “Alarm” searching box “Ask me anything” and choose “Alarms and Clock“.
  2. You now have to switch on Alarm.
  3. Now double click time on left side and choose Hour in first column and choose Minute in 2nd column and set up AM and PM accordingly and you will choose down and up arrow to choose your required “Hour” and “Minutes”.
  4. You now have to write in “Alarm name” like Good Morning, Good Evening, Good After Noon etc. Based on your wish and set up is as a default alarm name.
  5. You now have to Select Alarm and set up day as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. Based on your schedule and you also have to check mark to able to set alarm on particular day. This offers you authority setting alarms for future use. After setting day, you may select “x” at the very top right corner, closes this application.
  6. You now have to choose “Sound” and set up “sound” based on your interest and you will use “scroll bar” as a way to choose your required “sound“.
  7. Snooze Alarm in Windows 10 – You now have to select ” Snooze time” as min 5 minutes and maximum 60 minutes. There’ll be choices on 5 Minutes, 10 Mins, 20 Mins etc.
  8. You now have to save the Alarm by clicking “save” icon at the base left side.
  9. If you want to learn more select “….” Below left of Alarm and clock screen and set up Notification settings based on your need and may do further modifications is alarm settings.
  10. You can now select alarm, when you have set two alarm, you may select alarm as according to your requirement.
  11. You can new Alarm also, which gives you facility setting multiple alarm each time.

Method 2: How to Use alarms in Windows 10

  • To launch the app, select Start  and select Alarms & Clock from the app list or type its name into the search box. 
  • Alarms and timers work even if the app is closed or your device is locked. If you see a warning that notifications only show if the device is awake, make sure your device doesn’t go to sleep (Go to Settings  > System > Power & sleep to adjust your device’s sleep settings). 
  • Keep your laptop or tablet plugged in and make sure the volume on your device is high enough to hear the alarm or timer.
  • To respond to an alarm, select Snooze, or Dismiss the alarm to stop it entirely.
  • If you need to change the time zone of your clock, go to Settings  > Time & language > Date & time. Use the drop down menu under time zone to choose your preferred time zone.


To add a location and compare times from around the world:

  • In the Alarms & Clock app, select Clock, and then New  at the bottom.
  • Type the first few letters of a location, and then select it in the list. If you don’t see the one you want, try another location in the same time zone.
  • Select Compare (the two clocks), and then select a time on the slider at the bottom. Select a location on the map to change which place the slider is referring to.
  • To stop comparing times, select Cancel , or press Esc.


To time something using the stopwatch:

  • Select Stopwatch, and then Start.
  • To mark a lap or split as the stopwatch runs, select Laps/Splits (the flag).
  • Select Expand to increase the size of the stopwatch display at any time. 
  • Select Pause to stop the clock.
  • Select Reset to clear the clock.

In order to delete, set alarm, you only need to select set alarms and right select it and you will delete the alarms. The deleted alarms can’t be retrieved back but could be set again following a previously listed process. I hope this post is helpful enough to give you information How to use alarm in windows 10. If you are having trouble, please comment below.